Here’s why your website should be powered by WordPress

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April 1, 2014
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Here’s why your website should be powered by WordPress

In the good old days of web design, you would often have to employ a web designer to make even the most basic changes to your website. This website would obviously need to convey whatever message you want to tell people, and depending on whom you hired for the job, this website alteration process could take anything from a few days to a few months! This is because many years ago web designers would have to code HTML pages manually. The major downside to such websites (apart from the potentially high cost of building them in the first place) was the fact that you, as a website owner, could not easily add, delete or edit any content without asking and paying your web designer to do it for you.

You can imagine how annoying such a process could be, after all, a web designer might not prioritise updating your website if they are working on one or more projects that consume most of their time! Luckily, those days are pretty much over and done with now, thanks to an awesome website publishing platform called WordPress.

What is WordPress?

Many years ago, WordPress was created as a way for people to create their own weblogs – or “blogs” as they are commonly referred to. Today, the WordPress system has evolved into a completely scaleable and feature-packed publishing system that nearly 76 million people and organisations around the world use!

If your website is not running this powerful content management system, then you ought to seriously consider migrating over to it sooner rather than later! Here’s why:

It’s open-source

Open-source software is free software that you can manipulate according to the terms of the licence it comes with (in this case of WordPress, GPLv2 or later). Out of the box, WordPress is pretty functional and comes with a few free themes.

But what’s really awesome about WordPress is that web designers can build you a bespoke website that you can actually manage! WordPress websites can be ‘themed’, and the platform allows for custom plugins to be made so that you can even transform your website into a fully-fledged e-commerce solution if you wanted to!

It’s popular

Because of the number of websites around the world powered by WordPress, it is extremely popular with both web designers and developers, and users alike. The general publishing process is extremely easy for getting to grips with, and the Internet is awash with all sorts of written and video tutorials in case you get stuck at any point.

It makes you more productive

Some content management systems require users to come from a programming background before they can fathom have to use them, but because of the WordPress system’s ease-of-use, you can spend less time tweaking your website and more time being more productive with your work!

You can create a network of websites

WordPress is such a powerful content management system that you can create a network of websites all from the same installation on your web server! For example, if you wanted to offer your website visitors the opportunity to create their own blogs, mini-websites or even if you wanted to create a social networking website, WordPress can do it all for you with ease.

This is where NMC Design comes in

NMC Design specialise in creating fully bespoke (and responsive) WordPress templates utilising the latest web technologies such as HTML 5. This means your website will work across an array of devices such as mobile phones, tablets and of course traditional desktop PCs.

WordPress is a brilliant system for those operating with tight budgets for their website due to the huge amount of plugins available meaning we can tailor pre-existing plugins to fit your own requirement without having to start from scratch!

Interested? Call NMC Design today on 01884 220030 or email us at

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