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Logo Design Processes

In this article post we will be showing insight into our Graphic Designers logo design process using R S Carpenters LTD (from this point known as ‘RSC’) as an example, highlighting key points in the process that ensure a successful outcome.

Step 1 – Brief

The first step for logo design is to establish what the customer is looking for. This can include finding out more about the company itself in terms of their mission statement or brand history, what demographic they’re looking to aim at, what to avoid/include, if they have any colours in mind etc.

Most of the time the customer doesn’t know what is wanted until they see it – which can make the process lengthy and involve a lot of back and forth communication. In this article post we will be showing insight into our Graphic Designers logo design process using RSC is a good example of this as they didn’t know what they were looking for. All we had to go on at this point was that they are carpenters.

Step 2 – Initial ideas

A good place to start is to sketch out ideas on paper and see what sticks out as something that will work. Concentrate at first on how the font elements will interact and compliment each other i.e. the sizes of the font, different weights, what mixture of serif/san-serif/script. After the typography is decided, you can try to add imagery/icons.

Once rough ideas are established it is time to take to the computer and get them finalised in a monochrome format. What this means is that no colour is tainting the design at this stage, you are focusing on the composition making sure it doesn’t feel too busy and is balanced. For RSC we created 5 logos for them to look at.


Generally, at this point a design is liked or only needs minor tweaking before moving onto the colour choices. RSC came back with the feedback that they didn’t like any, but this didn’t present as a prorscarpenters-logo-ideas-2blem as now they had an idea of what they wanted after seeing these initial ideas. A step in the right direction.

RSC wanted representation of a roof and if possible to incorporate timbre frames as this was what they predominantly offered. With this information we were able to tailor the logos around that theme instead of stabbing in the dark. The above 6 logos were the next step of ideas sent to the customer. They chose logo 5 to progress on to the next step.

Step 3 – Colour choices

For this step, it’s time to take the chosen logo and implement colour options for the customer to decide on. This can also be quite a long process if the customer doesn’t really know what colours go best together. One advantage RSC gave us was their previous decision to have charcoal workwear and to advertise on their silver van – no greys!

RSC hinted at a dark blue, but also weren’t sure whether they wanted that, so we gave them a few options. A good step is to try out complimentary colours as they an be quite striking. Another good tip is to try out different contrasts of those colours – there can be so many options it’s difficult to pick what will best represent the customer to their target audience.rscarpenters-logo-colours

Out of the 10 colour options above, RSC chose to go for the 6th option of light blue on the ‘RS’ and outer roof with dark blue on the ‘Carpenters LTD’. We also agreed that this was the best option for their business as it would be easily transferrable onto other items such as business cards/letterheads/banners/vinyl etc.

Step 4 – Inclusion

RSC not only wanted a logo designing but they also required business cards and workwear. Once we had the logo finalised we progressed on to include the logo and design their business cards along with showing suggested visuals for workwear. The customer was very pleased with the final outcome of both their logo and business cards and their workwear which is in production.

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