Monotone logos: why simple is better

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December 6, 2013
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Monotone logos: why simple is better

As technology continues to grow, we find ourselves with advanced software that can produce amazing results. The aftermath of this means logo designs are becoming more complex, using multiple gradients, detailed illustrations and an abundance of colours. The more complex, the better, right? Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

While we may agree that complex logos are aesthetically pleasing, more often than not they don’t communicate the brand/idea successfully. In terms of logo design, a designer’s job is to get to the heart of the brand. A simple, sleek, “back-to-basics” approach towards logo design is more fitting and versatile for any company or individual.

If you were to browse through Google images at logo designs, it’s no surprise that the most memorable logos are simple in appearance and catch your eye. A potential customer will merely take a glimpse at a logo, if you have a complex logo chances are it will make that opportunity redundant.

A successful logo design should function across a variety of applications in multiple mediums. In short, the best way a logo works is in vector format, this helps to ensure that it can be scaled to any size. If you have a current logo, ask yourself; would your logo be as effective if:

  • It only had a single colour?
  • Printed in various sizes?
  • Monotone? (e.g. black logo on white background)

The best way to combat any worries about your logo design is to begin in black and white. Monotone logos are a great way to focus on the shape, negative space, and concept of the design rather than the influence of colours. Not only that, but there is also the implication of printing costs. Having a simple logo with little colour will be cheaper in the long run than a complex logo.

So before you splash out and make use of every filter and design tool possible, just consider going back to basics. Simple is better!

“I like to work first in black and white to ensure that the logo will look good in its simplest form. Colour is very subjective and emotional. This can distract from the overall design – say if you saw your logo in all red, that colour may be the first thing that you respond to and not the composition of the design elements.” – Patrick Winfield

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