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websot7L Adams Tree Services are an independent tree surgeon business covering Devon and surrounding areas.

Our client came to us needing a website that would show off their services and gallery of work in a professional and eye-catching manner. They also needed to make sure the website was responsive for quick mobile viewing. We created this wonderfully simple layout that gave L Adams a great online first impression. Featured on the homepage is a slider highlighting the services offered, along with a good collection of gallery images so that future customers can see he quality of work carried out.

Mr Adams also choose to host his new website with us along with a maintenance agreement. This means that as well as designing the site we have been charged with hosting it and keeping it running in top condition. Having the designers host the site is always a great idea as they know the site inside out and can identify any issue that may arise very quickly.

By choosing to host with us Mr Adams receives Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups on separate redundancy servers. Should anything happen to our hosting servers Mr Adams site will remain online regardless of issue. This is especially important if your business relies on working coming from online sources.

The maintenance agreement also includes changes and updates to the website, should Mr Adams completes a piece of work he is especially proud of, he simply sends us some photographs and we ensure the website is updated with them, and any text or articles he wishes to use.