LN Print Services Print Package

JT’s Partyhouse Business Cards
July 29, 2014
L Adams Tree Services Business Cards
July 29, 2014
  • TaskPrint design

Our client, new business LN Print, needed a variety of items to get their business off the ground and ready for release.

Following the logo design and confirmation, we moved onto the business card. There needed to be two sets for the two managers of the company, so both held the same front and back design, with different contact and ink drop character representing them. During this process, we also created a ink drop background pattern that would be used throughout other marketing.

The website was then designed using the ink drop background and bright colours all around CMYK. Making it simple and intriguing to look at.

As a new business, LN Print required an editorial layout for their product catalogue, showcasing all the products they would be offering and a little information about the business.

The A4 display folder was created on the same basis of ink drops, providing a booklet that could be filled with work examples and given to business interested in using LN Print.