Why free website builders shouldn’t be used

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November 27, 2013
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Why free website builders shouldn’t be used

It is becoming more common that individuals and businesses fall prey to the appeal of free website builders. With more and more businesses taking to the Internet to advertise their product/service, there seems to be a rising trend towards wanting to build their own website to save a few quid – here is where the problem starts.

You can’t blame some business for thinking that doing their website themselves is the best way. In most cases, cost has become the top concern without placing any value into the outcome of using these types of facilities. This has partly come about due to a lot of website designers charging far too much for their services. Not only that, but also most business owners don’t have the time, ability, patience or creative eye to build a website that will embody their business in a professional manner.

When it comes to websites, it is fundamentally one of your most important resources. Long before a person contacts you to query your services or walks into your store, they’re going to visit your website. Having a website that is poor in quality makes customers think your business is poor. If you look at your website and think “it’s not bad”, then it’s not. That’s not how you want your business to be represented. That kind of attitude isn’t effective, especially in our digitally orientated world.

Take into concern the rise of social networking, these websites allow users to chat, upload images, share experiences, and even do business online. Majority of free builders do not provide the necessary features to integrate any of these features. Viewers of your website want elements to interact with, if your website doesn’t generate interest, then there’s no real point in having one.

Customers and potential customers will see a lack of creditability and begin to criticise your company by the quality of the website. There are several flags that your website isn’t of the trusted variety – non-relevant third party ads, stock clip art, messy domain names, etc. If it doesn’t look professional, those customers may never call or visit, do you really want to be losing potential customers?

The other problem, is that website have a number of flaws:


Free website builders usually have about 10 templates that you can use, so chances are there’s are an awful lot of websites out there that look just like yours. One of the main reasons people visit websites is because of the characteristic features they present. If your website looks like everyone else then it’s not going to attract the attention it rightly deserves.

Own domain name

With an entirely free website builder, you don’t get your own domain name. Nothing says “low-cost” like having to go to a website address that has a generic URL. Every customer that visits is going to know you didn’t invest anything into your website.


All free websites force subscribers to host various ads that can be frustrating and at times dodgy. Not only will these unwanted ads ruin the design, but the look of the website as well in terms of professionalism. What is worse is that subscribers have no way of sidestepping these ads with free website services.


Free website builders have a lot of limitations. They may flaunt their huge collection of images and designs, but usually these are then limited to whether you pay a monthly/annually cost (which actually means they’re not free). You take what they provide you. If you’ve got an idea, a distinctive way to use your website or whatever, it’s not going to happen using a free website builder.

Hosting ssues

Great quality websites need an equally dependable and fast web hosting service to back it up. Many people do not recognise the fact that efficient bandwidth can cost a lot of money, free website services do not invest in them. Instead, the websites are dumped into extremely loaded servers, which result in unreliable presence as well as unexpected shutdowns. Technical difficulties in terms of reliable servers and hosting services can result in a spoiled reputation in the online community.

No Guarantees

“You get what you pay for” is the best phrase to represent this. Getting free service means you have no right to demand 100% website presence from the provider. The likely possibility of your website being inaccessible one day is not unlikely. If you are using the free website service for business, the results can be devastating for you and your business.

Search engine optimisation

Free website builder services DO NOT guarantee Search Engine Optimisation otherwise known as SEO. Your website will end up being listed at the very last page of every search. In fact, most search engines overlook websites from free services, which means that they get very little exposure to the Internet community.

That’s why here at NMC Design, we don’t use any templates for our website designs, we design everything from the ground up, centred on your idea and what you envision. There are no unwanted adverts, unrelated domain names, hosting issues, or anything else to damage your businesses online reputation. You get what YOU want. Need a website building? With quality and performance in mind? Contact us today!

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