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Professional Hosting

Having a managed hosting plan can make all the difference when running a secure website. Unlike other service providers who use offshore servers in distant locations, NMC Design own and run our own servers right here in the UK for increased security and performance monitoring. This is standard with all our packages, we take security and performance very seriously

To add extra security to our services we run Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups. In fact we keep backups of our backups! Having a managed hosting package takes the stress of running a website out of the equation, you can rest assured that the day to day security and safety of your website is in great hands.

Frequently asked questions

1How secure is my site?
NMC Design take security incredibly seriously to ensure absolute stability and uptime, We used advanced DDoS detection and external hardware firewalls. Servers also monitor themselves using advanced security software looking for Viruses and other threats whilst external monitoring software also looks for anomalies .
2How much access do I have to my account?
It depends entirely on your own preferences! 95% of our customers will never login to our cPanel control panel instead relying on the management expertise of NMC Design. However should you wish you will have full unrestricted access to cPanel, FTP, SSH and SQL.
3Can you help me move my site?
In a word. Yes! Please do contact us straight away to ensure your current site is compatible with our servers. (If not we will find a solution)

Premium hosting

Here at NMC Design we offer 3 exclusive web hosting packages from as little as £100 per year +VAT. Your website will be hosted on our servers in Coventry or Maidenhead in the UK, both with a 1GBps dedicated connection. We run Raid 10 SSD hard drives so that we can provide ultrafast data transfer rates. Not only that but we are also using the latest Xeon Hexa-core processors to ensure maximum performance.

Backed up hourly

To ensure extra protection, there is an hourly back up, in which we back up your website to opposite location e.g. if your website is on Coventry server, it will be backed up to Maidenhead and vice versa. We are fully compliant with UK data protection, and fully PCI DSS compliant.

24/7 support

Here at NMC Design, we take our customer service seriously, which is why we pride ourselves in offering 24/7, 365 support. This is accomplished via telephone, live chat, and ticket.

Talk to NMC Design

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We reply within 24 hours!